Friday, 7 August 2015

Little Bit About Me

Hey guys!

I'm Cara - an 18 year old, Fashion Technology Student, living in the wonderful (but sometimes miserable) Scotland.

As you can probably tell, I'm incredibly new to the whole blog thing! I've been eager, but quite nervous, to start one for a while now, but my friend, Chloe, inspired me with her blog to give this a go. When I think of a blogger, I imagine someone with a very exciting life, full of fascinating and interesting hobbies.. Fair to say, that definitely is not me! So I really hope I don't bore you all to death!

As a fashion student, I am a lover of detail and creativity. I am very passionate about my coursework and I'm happiest when in the sewing workshop. Since being a shy 13 year old, I've had the dream of working for a big company - or even making it big myself - in the fashion industry and by studying at Heriot Watt University I have the opportunity to show off and develop my skills over the four years that I'm there.

As well as fashion, I'm a lover of photography; long, peaceful walks; beaches; gigs/concerts; youtubers; reading - I'm a huge fan of anything John Green at the moment!; TV shows (especially American TV shows such as Teen Wolf, Grimm, American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars etc.. Seriously though, how frustratingly good is PLL!? I cannot wait for Tuesday's episode already!!); baking; shopping trips/days out in Edinburgh; horse riding and a lot more that I'm sure you'll all hear about in the near future.

I've got a rough idea for this blog and hopefully I'll continue updating it when I start uni again in September. I tend to usually do everything to avoid studying and coursework near exam time.. oops! So you'll most likely be hearing from me a lot then.

Anyways, lets see if I can get the hang of this.

Have a great day!

Cara x


  1. Hey! We have a lot in common! I'm obsessed with youtubers, baking and reading too! I've only read "Paper Towns" out of all John Green's books but it was AMAZING!!! I literally cannot wait for the film; I think it's out on Monday?! I'm so confused because there's a different release date for the US and UK!!! Anyway I will be there loving it when I do finally see it!!! xxx

    1. Hey, aw that's so great! Yeah, Paper Towns is out on Monday, I cannot wait either! I'm so excited! xx

  2. Since reading your guilty pleasures post I've realized we have a lot in common too haha, I love finding other people who have the same interests as me:) I absolutely love reading (and John Green), youtubers, beaches, and most of them TV shows. I'm such a TV show addict, I love pretty little liars but was disappointed with the finale! XOXO